Small Münsterländer Samson, 7 years

For 4 weeks: swelling lateral to the L eye, no improvement on antibiotics and pain killers: trauma cannot be ruled out.

With kind permission Dr. G. Viefhues, Small Animal Clinic Ahlen



An approx. 3cm large, mineral dense mass with a granular appearance extends from the zygomatic process of the left maxilla to the zygomatic arch. The mass protrudes slightly into the orbital cavity and causes mild deformity of the globe. The underlying cortex has a slightly roughened surface and shows small, fine osteolytic regions. An extension of the mass into the bone marrow is not evident.

CT diagnosis

  • Bony mass left zygomatic arch


The appearance of the tumor is typical for a multilobular tumor of the bone. Other names are osteochonrosarcoma and chondrosarcoma rodens.