Why make it complicated,
when it can be simple?

Radiology is our passion – Vetradiologie cares for you and your patients in the area of veterinary radiology. We are here to support you with years of expertise as diagnostic experts and specialised teaching consultants.


Head, neck, thorax, abdomen, spine and musculoskeletal system – our core business is the professional evaluation and interpretation of radiological studies.


This collection provides simple explanations for a range of specific problems and diagnoses clearly structured for research and teaching purposes.

Dogs, cats, mice —
MRI, CT, x-ray and ultrasound

We interpret your images and advise on further diagnostic options. Feel free to browse through our case studies

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Dr. Nannette Stein

Dr. Sebastian Schaub

Dr. Nicola Kelleners

Dr. Jan Wennemuth

Dr. Alessandro Delaude

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