We care for you and your patient

Core business

Our core business is teleradiology, where we create customised reports for you and your patients. In addition, we offer training for you and your employees, or support you in seminars that you want to organise for colleagues.


Teleradiology means imaging a patient without the need for a veterinarian to be on-site. X-ray, CT or MRI images can nowadays be easily and quickly transmitted to a competent veterinarian by means of electronic data transmission.

Whether you just need a second opinion on a single case, or you are looking for a permant partner for the interpretation of your images, Vetradiologie is able to provide expert assistance. Please feel free to contact us for further details, so that we can find the best solution for you.


We are a team of European and German specialists, with sound training in the field of veterinary diagnostic imaging and many years of professional experience. We take part in continuous professional training so we are in a position to help you both with advice and practical aspects, based on the current state of the art.


Are you looking for a partner that will always be there to assist you with your imaging diagnosis and is available for help and advice? We offer a direct connection to your imaging device. One click on your device and your images will be sent directly to us. If you only occasionally require a second opinion, or you would like to test our service first, then simply send us your images via Dropbox, WeTransfer, easyvet Link, or Orca (R).


For an adequate diagnosis we need your pictures in DICOM format. Only these format enable correct image presentation and postprocessing to get everything possible out of the images for you and your patients. We are happy to advise you as to how you can obtain these files and how to transmit them to us.

How long

On a weekday, you will receive your report within 24 hours. If it is urgent, please let us know and we will try to ensure a faster diagnosis.


Whether it’s a full-day seminar, a short evening event, a purely theoretical event, or a hands-on ultrasound course, please contact us to discuss in person the training you require and how Vetradiologie can help and support you.

Online teaching material

Why does everything always have to be complicated? Vetradiologie offers free and simple instructions on topics that are deemed difficult, without the need to register. What is the most likely diagnosis for which lung pattern? How do you differentiate between the different types of portosystemic shunt. Here you find simple explanations regarding topics perceived as difficult. In addition, Vetradiologie provides a variety of cases from all areas of small animal radiology, which you can use to test yourself.

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